Stow Lockets

Precious Memories

Stow Lockets is a beautiful way to keep your precious memories and stories close to your heart!

They are finely crafted from solid sterling silver and 9ct yellow and rose gold and feature high quality crystal glass. The lockets come in three different sizes, Large, medium and petite.

Once you’ve chosen your favourite size, you can start selecting the charms which best represent you, your family, your journey and ultimately, your precious memories!

With a large variety of charms available in sterling silver as well as 9ct yellow and rose gold, you’re sure to find the perfect charm for each occasion. To add colour and further meaning to your locket, there are Virtue Charms, these 12 charms represent many different Virtues including: Courage, Love, Wisdom, Passion and Friendship (there are so many more too!) The ever popular birthstone charms are also a nice way to include significant dates in your very own stow locket.

Secure and elegant, Stow Lockets are a thoughtful addition to your jewellery box and make a lovely personal gift.  A gift that  will continue to delight as you add different charms to the locket for special occasions.

Below are a selection of charms and some inspiration lockets.

Now in are the new charms and lockets!

How will you start your very own Stow Locket?





Stow Charms and Locket Inspiration

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