Step 1: Sketch Designs

Designing a Piece of Jewellery is as exciting as it sounds!

It all starts with you! Your Ideas, Your gemstones, Your Milestones!

Fear not it’s an incredibly simple process and we are with you every step of the way. Step one is easy: Come in and bring what you have. It doesn’t matter if you have no ideas or a multitude of them!

Our designer Nicola, loves nothing better than to discuss your visions. The more we chat around your concepts, the clearer your vision will become. It is at this point, that we shall put pencil to paper, as the sketches emerge you shall start to get the first glimpses of your jewellery vision starting to come to life.

The options are virtually limitless and there is no right and wrong in design, it is purely crafting a piece of jewellery that reflects you and your personality and lifestyle.

Why not check out our design gallery for some inspiration, it features jewellery pieces we’ve created for some our clients, just like you.

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