You Belong Together

March 31, 2017

Congratulations, you’re considering an engagement ring… your considering a new life, no longer you alone, but the two of you together! So you’ve come in to design an engagement ring. Now I can guarantee you the last thought on your mind is what wedding ring are you thinking of putting with this engagement ring? You will think this question strange however it is a very important question and one you should consider carefully before your engagement ring is made. It is helpful to consider your engagement ring, wedding ring and eternity ring not as individual rings but rather as a bridal set. Even if you buy them separately and years apart. A little bit of thought right at the beginning will ensure your set looks cohesive and works together just as you want it to.

For many ladies they may not choose their engagement ring, but just about all of them will be apart of choosing the wedding ring. Most will have a thought of what kind of wedding ring they will want to wear. That’s where you men may need to be sneaky and ask some questions to try and understand what wedding ring she wants to wear as well as what kind of engagement ring! Why I hear you ask? Why do you need to know what wedding ring right now, before I even know what engagement ring I want?!

Well if you were designing and building a bridge you’d have the plans drawn up to accommodate the functions that are necessary now and others you can foresee needing in the future. Designing a bridal set is much the same principle. You start with the engagement ring and it is designed to be worn everyday for possibly as much as sixty years (if we are lucky). Then it usually has a wedding ring added to that same finger and after which we might add an eternity ring…  Each ring is significant and represents different commitment levels but they are all worn together and so all need to work together.

See for some engagement ring designs you simply can’t sit a straight sided wedding band next to them, they require a fitted band to go around them. Now I’m going to level with you here, some ladies like fitted wedding rings and some (read most) do not. Others for

practical reasons need to take their engagement ring off at work, so they just want a wedding ring that looks good on their finger all alone. Other ladies have visions of really large diamonds in their wedding rings which means that their engagement ring will need to be able to accommodate having a thick wedding ring beside it.  These are just some of the reasons why it is helpful to look at your engagement, wedding and eternity ring as a bridal set. A well balanced bridal set is a thing of beauty and a pleasure to have on your finger for 60ish years!

So the moral of this story is that when you sit down to start designing your engagement ring, you’re taking the first step towards a new future… continue to look into that future and plan for the subsequent rings also, so that your engagement ring, wedding ring and eternity rings look like they belong together, just like you both!




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