To Valentine’s Day or not to Valentine’s Day… That is the Question

February 7, 2018

Hands up all those who didn’t realise Valentine’s Day is next week? Now this is a very divided topic for most people. For established couples, you know if you are or are not a Valentine’s Day couple, you’ve been through a few years you know the drill. You either dismiss the day as a commercial holiday and know that your partner will love you regardless of what you do or don’t do on ‘V’ day. Or you know that it is a very important day to your partner (they’re a romantic after all) and you’ve bought the chocolates and ordered all those red roses.

But spare a thought for those poor newly formed couples! The headaches, the questions! ‘Are we a Valentine’s Day couple?’ ‘Do we ignore Valentine’s Day?’ ‘I mean it’s a commercial holiday right?’ What if I don’t do anything and then it’s all over? Lets face it, no one wants to ask their partner outright: ‘What do you think about Valentine’s Day?’ We all just try and look for the signs or ask those subtle questions and try to determine the right course of action.

Now the truth is I don’t know the answer to this Valentines dilemma. But I can tell you this, no one is going to get upset with you if you want to give them a token of your affection and love. It as we all know doesn’t have to be large or expensive, which is why Chocolates and Roses are such favourites at this time of year. Now we at Rivers Jewellers sell jewellery, so of course we recommend if you are going to display your affection and love on Valentines day then you can’t go past jewellery.

Why? Because it’s something you can personalise, it’s something tangible and it is something that can be treasured for much longer than one day, a lifetime. It is perhaps the most perfect gift choice for Valentines day. Not that we are biased at all. So if you are in search of that perfect gift then we have a lovely selection for you.

Pop in or explore our site for some lovely gifts for your partner.


Fantasy to Reality

July 26, 2017

Swirling around in the recesses of your mind there is at the very back of your consciousness, a concept, an image, a fantasy…

Every now and again this cogitation comes to the fore and you wonder .. is it possible for something which has for so long only been a fantasy, to become an actual reality?

The answer is Yes!  That echoing muse you’ve had can step out of the shadow and become an actual glistening sparkling jewellery reality.

If you don’t believe me why not check out our custom design page, that is full of pieces we’ve created from the imagination of clients just like you.

See you soon!


Radiant Cut Diamonds

March 31, 2016

Every man and his dog has heard about round brilliant cut diamonds, and just about everybody else has heard of princess cut diamonds.

But are you aware that there are so many other cuts out there? Beautiful, Dramatic and Elegant Cuts!

One such cut deserving of more attention is the Radiant Cut.

The allure of this cut is second to none. Just look at that picture, it’s like an entire galaxy has been entrapped in one brilliant rock! Imagine that rock glimmering away on your finger.

With the Radiant Cut, you get the best of both worlds, you get the classic elegance of the emerald cut but with the pizzazz of the brilliant cuts.

Now no one wants their diamond ring to be passé so the round brilliant and princess cut diamonds have reigned supreme for many years.

You needn’t fear however, your choice of a fancy cut diamond isn’t a sign that your ring will one day be out of style.

Remember a diamond is forever! No one ever said a round brilliant cut diamond is forever.

Your choice of a fancy cut diamond is rather a symbol of who you are, a luminary, not a conformist.

So if you’re after a diamond that isn’t cliché then you’ll want to check out a Radiant Cut Diamond!

You’ll never regret your choice!


Valentine’s Day is not far away…

January 19, 2016

Hardcore romantics would be aware already that Valentine’s Day is fast approaching… Actually it’s only 25 days away!

Now if you’re a last minute cupid, that’s fine, you can relax, you have plenty of time!

But if you’re considering doing something extra special this Valentine’s day, like popping the question for example, then now is the perfect time to pay us a visit and get your engagement ring journey started. An engagement ring represents a significant investment, so give yourself all the time you need to get it perfect!

There are a number of factors involved in choosing the perfect engagement ring that suits your style, budget and lifestyle. Fear not however, these are not insurmountable, they just require some research and the right advice. Did I mention we are here to help you every step of the way! From friendly advice, to computer models and diamond selections. We’ll do whatever we can to make sure your ring is a true refection of you as a couple.

If you need some engagement ring idea’s why not have a look at our bridal pages? For some inspiration to start designing your own bespoke engagement ring, check out our design gallery. If you would like to see our very latest projects, feel free to check us out on Facebook:

So don’t delay, you’ve found the one, you have the perfect date, only one step left: the perfect ring!

See you soon!

Popping the Question this Valentine’s Day? Pop in and see us first!





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