Radiant Cut Diamonds

March 31, 2016

Every man and his dog has heard about round brilliant cut diamonds, and just about everybody else has heard of princess cut diamonds.

But are you aware that there are so many other cuts out there? Beautiful, Dramatic and Elegant Cuts!

One such cut deserving of more attention is the Radiant Cut.

The allure of this cut is second to none. Just look at that picture, it’s like an entire galaxy has been entrapped in one brilliant rock! Imagine that rock glimmering away on your finger.

With the Radiant Cut, you get the best of both worlds, you get the classic elegance of the emerald cut but with the pizzazz of the brilliant cuts.

Now no one wants their diamond ring to be passé so the round brilliant and princess cut diamonds have reigned supreme for many years.

You needn’t fear however, your choice of a fancy cut diamond isn’t a sign that your ring will one day be out of style.

Remember a diamond is forever! No one ever said a round brilliant cut diamond is forever.

Your choice of a fancy cut diamond is rather a symbol of who you are, a luminary, not a conformist.

So if you’re after a diamond that isn’t cliché then you’ll want to check out a Radiant Cut Diamond!

You’ll never regret your choice!


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