Bespoke Jewellery vs Designer Jewellery

January 20, 2017

Bespoke Jewellery vs Designer Jewellery…

Is there a difference?


So which suits you best? And what is the difference?

Let’s start with Designer Jewellery.

We all know the big brands and in jewellery the luxury brands. Apparently buying one of their jewellery items puts you in an elite class of people as other people instantly recognise that you shop at ‘that’ luxury jewellery shop.  So they will think, you must have some serious cash!  But there are the other people out there some people however wonder if it a knock off. Cynics! As if you would fake it! But that piece you are wearing with the logo on it, why did you choose it? And what does it really say about you? Does it say trend setter? Or trend devotee?

Yes there are luxury brands out there with a reputation known for quality and workmanship. If you patron these stores for that reason then you have exceptional taste. I wish there were more people like you out there.  But  if you shop there to buy a logo as a status symbol then think about this… do you actually have any input into the jewellery you are wearing?  You picked it. You bought it. But Why? Did you buy it because it represented you completely, it’s a style you adore or it was love at first sight? Or is there someone in a magazine somewhere telling you this is the latest fashion?

Is it you completely, absolutely nothing at all you would change about it?

If you answered yes, then you are a designer jewellery person and you should keep doing what you are doing. It’s working for you.

However if you answered no… and you are thinking about that. Then keep reading.

As we’ve shifted now to Bespoke Jewellery.

How does one come to become a bespoke jewellery person?

Well, I’ll tell you. First, they look at all the store windows and they can’t find can’t find something that does ‘it’ for them.  Why because they’re an individual, and generic just doesn’t cut ‘it’ for them.

What is ‘it’ anyway?

‘It’ is different for everybody. For some it’s a particular metal… rose gold for example. No matter where they look they can’t find what they like in rose gold!

For other’s it’s a design style, like vintage. And simply there’s nothing quite vintage enough out there to match great grandma’s engagement ring.

Whatever ‘it’ is, it drives them towards having a piece custom made because nothing out there is quite working for them.

Other people out there have a vision of the perfect piece and they know every intricate detail.

However it doesn’t exist out there, they’ve looked and they can’t find it. So they too are driven to the wonderful world of bespoke.

Then there are the symbolic ones, they want to give their heart, their whole heart to the one they want to spend the rest of their lives with.

Yet the more they research and look, they can’t find that piece that  represents all the love they are offering to their true love and also represents her individual style and taste.

Wanting something absolutely perfect, they too find that bespoke jewellery is the only way they can go to achieve perfection.

As all good jewellery really should be completely and utterly you. There should be nothing you look at and think if only that was different.

Jewellery is perfect for  the celebration of milestones, it’s created to commemorate and it’s given as a symbol of someone’s heart.

So tell me what can you buy off the shelf that fits all of those requirements? I’ll tell you, nothing.

When you are after something particular and significant, then the type of jewellery you need is Bespoke.






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