Enamelling is back on-trend

November 29, 2019

After attending two of the Worlds largest Jewellery trade events in September, I’d love to let you know what’s coming up as super trends as we move forward into 2020 and beyond.

Vicenza, Italy is where we find out what is forecast to be in fashion, so things like design and colours.

Hong Kong is where we see the most amazing selection of gems. Suppliers from all over the world showcase their collections, especially those that are in the colours that are forecast to be the colour of the year.

One Trend that is coming back is enameling. Here are some beautiful statement pieces incorporating gems along with a touch of enamel.

Do you have any enamel jewellery sitting in your jewellery box? You can start wearing it again if you haven’t for a while and be perfectly on-trend.

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